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Shall better If better reason as to the sultant not simply of race alone, but land it is a re- the product of If we know man to the which it a land of elevated plateaus rather than of low plains; with a background humid, yet watered by streams fed from the perpetual snows of the peaks beyond winds wrung of their moisture in crossing the high of lofty mountains; arid rather than ; crests of the mountain chains upon the south ; a winter cold, dry, with light snowfall except upon the mountains a spring quick coming, short then the long dry summer, ; ; with a day heated up by a fervent sun which pours its rays down through a sky almost devoid of atmospheric a night cooled, even chilled by the rapid radiation of heat which occurs in such climes with the coming moisture ; [24] THEIR ORIGINAL HOMELAND on of evening ; a latitude of 40 annual mean home ; ; an isothermal line of 50 of the barley, the wheat, the rye, the oat, the apple, the blackberry, the onion, the lentil, the the plains bloom the rose, the campanula, the honeysuckle.

In the forests of the foothills are to be pease. Upon found the maple, the birch, the hawthorn, the pine, the tamarisk, the ash, the oak. In its fauna are to be found the ox, the sheep, the dog, the horse, the swine. Yet while the climate that the land was once is now semi-arid, less arid the evidence than now, the is rainfall Even within historic times the change has been marked. Under the slow working of some wide-spread telluric cause, pos- greater, the margin of sibly upheaval, fertile plains the rainfall is broader.

Should forget the three thousand years and remember only that it is a song of the living, as much so as the morning song of the plowman to-day as he drives his team afield in the early dawn by the banks of the Ohio or the Isis. Where was the homeland of the folk that sang these STORM GODS ? for it is not the tropic life of the Brahmin of the Indian plains that is to be felt in songs to the them. They go back of the life in the dank, plains of the land of the " Five Rivers " steaming to a fresher, freer The journeying may be traced as one reads between the lines.

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A Universal History of Infamy by Norman Thomas Di Giovanni, Visit Amazon's Jorge Luis Borges Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Jorge Luis Borges,

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