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By Myron W. Evans, Ilya Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

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The hot version will give you the sole complete source on hand for non-linear optics, together with distinct descriptions of the advances during the last decade from world-renowned specialists.

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As pointed out by de Broglie and Vigier [25], this indeterminableness of the photon rest mass appears to be a serious objection to the underlying theory. The problem is that the derivations depend simply on the existence of the nonzero rest mass, but not on its magnitude. To this mass in their analysis, de Broglie and Vigier use examples of other ‘‘macroscopic quantum effects’’ that have been considered in theoretical physics, such as ferromagnetism and the possibility of indefinite precision in measuring Planck’s constant.

Lehnert Imposition of the quantum condition s0 ¼ h 4p ð42Þ on a model for leptons can in a simple physical picture be regarded as an application of a corresponding periodicity condition for ‘‘self-confined’’ (bound) electromagnetic radiation that circulates around the axis of symmetry. Depending on the form of the radial part RðrÞ of the generating function, there are two subclasses of particle-shaped axisymmetric equilibria as follows. a. Convergent Case. A part R that converges at the origin r ¼ 0 leads to zero net charge q0 and magnetic moment M0 .

The general solution of the electric field would then become yrÞ þ ðcr2 ; cj2 ÞK1 ð" yrފ  exp ½iðÀot þ kzފ ðEr ; Ej Þ ¼ ½ðcr1 ; cj1 ÞI1 ð"  à  à " " Ez ¼ cz1 I0 ðyrÞ þ cz2 K0 ðyrÞ Â exp iðÀot þ kzÞ ð83Þ ð84Þ where cr1 , cr2 , cj1 , cj2 , cz1 , cz2 are arbitrary constants and I1 , K1 , I0 , K0 are Bessel functions with imaginary argument. At the origin r ¼ 0 it is known that I1 vanishes, I0 becomes finite, and both K1 and K0 become infinite. For large r, both I1 and I0 tend to infinity, whereas K1 and K0 tend to zero.

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Advances in Chemical Physics, Vol.119, Part 2. Modern Nonlinear Optics (Wiley 2001) by Myron W. Evans, Ilya Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

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