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By Susan Steele

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Cf. ) Stress in (iii) is indicated by italics. (iii) tuvii-cha 'cloud' w(l(l'i-sh'meat' kWlll;a-t 'fog' If the words in (i) were not segmentable m, indicated, we might expect stress to be assigned as follows: LUISENO FEATURES (vi) 53 'a no 'ahiichu 'amacha 'awaal 'ataax But, in the two crucial cases, the cases with short vowels in both the first and the second syllable, it is the second vowel which is stressed. (vii) 'ana 'amacha There are other Base Forms which occur with 'a- where 'a- is less problematically segmentable, but a discussion of such cases would take us far afield.

Po-heeli-Io 'for someone to sing' po-heela-ax 'he is good at singing' d. g. heela-x-Iu-t 'gonna sing' po-heela-x-pi 'he will sing' e. g. po-heela-qala-pi 'he will be singing' f. g. heela-x-mokwi-sh 'sang' po-heela-x-vo 'he sang' g. g. heela-qala-mokwi-sh 'was singing' po-heela-qala-vo 'he was singing' Since not all Base Forms include a Suffix, the feature ASP can also indicate their absence. 14 40 CHAPTER TWO 5. COMPLEXITIES TO RIGHTAN Sections 2 through 4 introduce three different multi-valued features ADAFF, NUM, and ASP.

G. g. poomoto 'by them' The Affixes nga, ngay, and man occur with the remainder. 5 Langacker (1976) calls xay an emphatic reflexive pronoun and analyzes it as occurring with the Possessive prefixes. g. cham versus chaam. My consultant is quite definite that the forms with which xay occurs have long vowels. That is, xay does not occur with the Possessive Affix type, but rather with forms that otherwise cooccur with the Postpositional Affix type. Hence, I analyze -xay as a Postposition. 6 The alternation in the Imperative Affix type between -am and -yam depends on the shape of the preceding Base Form.

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