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By Thomas Leiper Kane

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Ice cream see sladoled. in see индиум. indium see индиум. infant see дете. infinity see beskonecnost. iron see железо. jackdaw see чавка. jacket see sako. jay see соjка. jeans see djins. jewelry see nakit. K kestrel see ветрушка. ketchup see kechap. key see kluch. kitchen see 1. kujna, 2. куjна. knee see 1. koleno, 2. колено. knife see 1. noz, 2. нож. knives see нож. krypton see криптон. L lake see 1. ezero, 2. езеро. lamb see jagnesko. lamp see 1. lampa, 2. ламба. language see jazik. lark see чучулига.

Eleven see edinaeset. e-mail see i-meil. embassy see ambasada. employee see rabotnik. employer see rabotodavec. encyclopedia see enciklopedija. ermine see хермелин. evening see вечер. exam see ispit. exercise see vezbanje. eye see 1. oko, 2. око. F face see 1. lice, 2. лице. factory see fabrika. falcon see сокол; peregrine falcon сив сокол. fall see 1. esen, 2. есен. fallow deer see елен лопатар. family see семеjство. father see 1. татко, 2. tatko, 3. отец. faucet see cheshma. fax machine see faks mahsina.

Kaish, 2. колан. beryllium see берилиум. bible see библиjа. bicycle see velosiped. bird see ptica. black see 1. crna, 2. црн; black grouse мал тетреб. black grouse see мал тетреб. blackbird see кос. blanket see 1. kebe, 2. покривка, 3. прекривка. blouse see bluza. blue see 1. plava, 2. син. boat see brod. boating see broduvanje. bone see koska. book see 1. zakachalka, 2. либрето, 3. книга. bookstore see knizarnica. boron see бор. bowl see dlaboka chinija. bra see brushalter. bracelet see narakvica.

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